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    导读: 中山康明斯柴油发电机工厂属新能源及节能技术行业。自1986年创立以来,不断发展壮大。开展研发、设计、生产、销售、租赁等业务,并享有自主进出口经营权。发电机组按用途...



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    Zhongshan cummins diesel generator factory belongs to the new energy and energy efficiency technology industry. Since founded in 1986, continue to grow stronger. To carry out the research and development, design, production, sales, rental and leasing business, and enjoys independent import and export rights. Generating set according to the purpose mainly is divided into land use, Marine, fishing, military four types. Stand-alone power range from 10 kw to 4000 kw of more than 400 kinds of specifications, can provide two or more automatic and car. According to user requirements, functions can be divided into standard, automated, unattended, three remote, trailer and box, low noise, vehicle-mounted eight series. Cumming people with unique enterprise management mode, distinctive corporate culture achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.
    Zhongshan cummins diesel generator factory traffic
    Cummins company r&d investment in more than ten million yuan, the new product development and technical innovation for the company's products, won several national patents every year. After years of continuous innovation and improvement of the company in product design, manufacturing, debugging, marketing, research and development, etc, formed the standard system and the good operation process, both at home and abroad market share rapidly improve, become the industry ranked superior enterprises. Existing major production equipment more than 100 sets, and debugging equipment, perfect testing center is established with instrumentation complete test equipment, can detect the electrical performance indicators. Products in the national quality inspection departments repeatedly in selectiving examination was authorized as nonconforming product.
    Under the circumstances of national advocacy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the power industry generally powered by products in the high energy consumption, zhongshan cummins diesel generator factory has been dedicated to the green environmental protection, energy conservation of momentum in the field of exploration and development. Rely on cummins technology research and development platform of science and technology advantages, independent research and development of the control box part to monitor engine condition, early warning, to ensure normal operation of the engine, in the international industry in a leading level. Product is the main energy of diesel, with low consumption, low noise, maintenance is convenient wait for a good performance, power coverage of absolute advantage. Since the products on the market, because of its small volume, light weight, smooth work, can in a relatively poor conditions to maintain normal work, ? in oil exploration, oil platform
    Zhongshan cummins diesel generator factory in their own development and at the same time, actively undertake social responsibilities and obligations. Early in 2008 the south snow and ice and sichuan wenchuan 5.12 earthquake, we cummins generator for emergency rescue in disaster area, construction and people's life brought great convenience and help. Zhongshan cummins diesel generator factory is a disaster area contributed 1 batch of 350000 yuan worth of cummins series generator set.
    In science and technology is the product of the guide, quality is the soul of product, market is the product life. We believe in the power of the brand, firmly believe that only by quality, by the good faith, rely on science and technology, rely on innovation, we can always create famous brand, built to last!

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